New Game! Find The AI Impostor - TuringJest

TuringJest is a social deception game with a twist. You want to act like an NPC!

A screenshot of the TuringJest homepage

I've been working on TuringJest for a few weeks now with the help of a couple friends and the project is coming along brilliantly. I posted the game on the orange site about a week ago and was able to drive over 30k people to my site in 24h! That's the most success any of my projects has had to date.

The game started out with the premise that you and a few friends are planning a GC hangout:

A screenshot from one of the first builds of TuringJest

But now the game has evolved into a Jackbox-esque experience, where you and a few friends submit questions & answers in your quest to find the secret AI.

The user has provided the prompt "ASDF" to which the bot responds "Sorry, I don't speak gibberish"
A funny example from playing against the AI

My buddy Nathan has put together some great mocks that we plan to use for a website migration in the coming days.

Looking forward to working on more TuringJest in the immediate future!

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