It's not intelligent!

"It merely has all of the byproducts of intelligence, its not intelligence though!"

I make this statement in a frank way to rhetorically get the point across. I find myself continually surprised by the general community's desire to reject the intelligence claim in its entirely. I make no claim that this intelligence manifest in the same way human intelligence does. I make no claim that this intelligence can even be measured in the same way a humans intelligence does. What I do claim though is that it is intelligence - intelligence that relates to humans in the same way the mind of a crow might.

The dominant mindset I have observed in my life thus-far when people discuss human intelligence is the pattern matching perspective. Humans are differentiates by our outsized ability to pattern match being able to successfully manipulate these patterns. We now see something nonorganic with amazing pattern matching abilities. We have previously seen other organic entities with impressive pattern matching abilities. Why must this situation be any different?

My overall claims:

- Intelligence is best measured by outcomes. How some entity is best able to manipulate its existence (however that existence may manifest)

- Intelligence can manifest in more than one way. An entirely mechanical system could be considered to have some level of "intelligence"

- Considering something intelligent or to have desires is not anthropomorphizing. There are many non-human entities that we consider to have these properties.

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